Contributing Code#

If you want to contribute code to opensourceleg, please follow these steps:

  1. Fork the opensourceleg repository on GitHub.

  2. Clone your forked repository to your local machine.

  3. Create a new branch for your changes.

  4. Make your changes and commit them with clear and descriptive commit messages.

  5. Push your changes to your forked repository.

  6. Open a pull request on the opensourceleg repository.

When submitting a pull request, please include:

  • A clear and descriptive title

  • A detailed description of the changes you made

  • Any relevant issue numbers (if applicable)

We will review your pull request as soon as possible and provide feedback if necessary.

Code Style#

Please follow the PEP-8 style guide when contributing code to opensourceleg. We also recommend using an automated code formatter like black to ensure consistent formatting.


Please ensure that your code changes include tests to cover the new functionality or bug fix. We use pytest for testing, and you can run the tests locally by running pytest in the root directory of the repository.